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New from Associated Call Centers,

Whatís a PAL line? Simple, theyíre our specialized Political Action Lines.

We have been offering some very sophisticated services to a select group of companies and organizations for the past several years. They needed our help in getting their voices heard in Congress! So we created the PAL Line. Itís a toll free or 900-type line used by groups to help their membership mobilize on a particular issue or topic being debated in Congress on a local or national level.

Our suite of high tech services include:

 On Line congressional databases. Nationwide or individual states.

 Call transfer to callerís representative. Sorted by congressional district and zip code.

 Detailed information about upcoming bills and debates and how they might affect the callers.

 Personalized fax letters and e-mails to the callerís representative.

 Complete reporting by district, representative, or bill.

 House list merge and purge of membership.

 Mailing services to congressional list or by organization.

Many of our services can be combined to create that perfect blend of exceptional customer service and technology. For instance a catalog of outdoor products may want to let their customer know of a particular bill or piece of upcoming legislation. We would not only be able to take your orders and process credit cards but do a look up by zip code and patch that caller through to their representative.

Let your voice be heard!

Call ACC to set up a PAL line today.

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