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Internet Call Center
& E-Mail Support

You have a brand new state of the art web site and the hits are coming! Great right. Well, only if youíre able to support the site. Customer that went to your site to buy on line may not be too impressed if they canít change or update their order. What if they want to speak to a live person to confirm their order or heaven forbid they donít want to use that fancy E-Commerce enabled web ordering system. A recent survey stated that up to 40% of on line shoppers would prefer to call their orders in to an 800 number. With ACC you will have a fully trained staff able to answer calls, take orders or direct callers to tech support or other company numbers.

E-Mail Support

Nothing is more annoying then sending an email to a web site and not getting any response!

That email address may as well be

Your visitors deserve better. ACC can auto respond or send personalized response with in minutes if need be. TSR are available 24 hours a day to service your visitors. Dedicated operations staff is also available for those sites with the traffic to warrant it.


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