Takes, saves and/or dispatches accurate messages or orders on the Startel and Access Computer Systems. Handles each account as indicated on the Mastercard or Client Help Screens for that account. Works under specific instructions. Refers problems and/or unusual situations to Lead Telephone Service Representative or Shift Supervisor.

  1. Works on Startel 5700 / Access PC Workstation answering calls for clients, taking accurate messages, telephone orders and/or customer service requests.
  1. Follows instructions precisely as detailed on the client Mastercard (IE: Hold Call, Page, Call Home Number, Fax Messages, Record to Voice Mail, Etc).
  1. Puts required actions on emergency calls to assure that the client is contacted within the required time frame.
  1. Checks locate information on each account before attempting to dispatch or deliver messages.
  1. Gives messages to clients who call in and takes information on temporary changes such as who to call and/or the location of the client for a brief period. (Example: A Physician may be at St. Mary's Hospital or may wish to be called at home)
  1. Speaks in a clear voice and repeats the information taken to be certain that a correct name, phone number and message are taken.
  1. Prior to paging a client, checks Mastercard to determine the type of pager the client is using and instructions and whether to put the callers number into the pager, a message or have the client call the answering service.
  1. Advises Lead Telephone Representative or Shift Supervisor immediately of a client complaint. All complaints are to be given to the supervisor on duty.
  1. When callers inquire or compliment the answering service, ask the caller if the call can be transferred to Sales Department.
  1. Understands that all client information is confidential therefore gives no information to anyone other than the client.
  1. At pre-determined intervals or upon client request, prints client messages directly to their offices via printer or fax.
  1. Understands that absolutely no personal phone calls are to be made or received while working on the computer and no client phone(s) or lines are to be used for personal reasons. (Personal calls are to be taken or made while on break or during meal period.)
  1. Immediately reports any system problems encountered to the Lead Telephone Representative or Shift Supervisor. In the absence of a Lead Telephone Representative or Shift Supervisor, reports technical problems such as losing calls, slow functioning of the system, unable to bring up information on the monitor, etc. to the Manager On Call.
  1. Maintains current knowledge of the Startel and Access Systems by reviewing all account information, checking for personal or employee messages on bulletin board, or in computer and/or referring to the Associated Call Centers Operations Manual.
  1. Performs other duties as assigned.


  1. Ability to read, write and speak in English at a level normally attained upon successful completion of a high school education or equivalent.
  1. Ability to type a minimum of 35 wpm.
  1. Ability to take and type accurate messages and to follow specific written instructions.
  1. Knowledge of all operator required functions of the Startel 5700 & Access Systems and ability to function at a satisfactory level following 2-3 months of on the job training.
  1. Ability to maintain self-control when speaking with excited and/or irate individuals.
  1. Ability to take command of the call so the information can be taken and saved or dispatched quickly and efficiently.



  1. Mostly sedentary work in office with normal heat, light and noise.
  1. Some mental fatigue, during heavy traffic times.
  1. Some Visual Fatigue, reading the computer monitor.



  1. Reports directly to Lead Telephone Representative and to the Shift Supervisor, and indirectly to the Customer Service Manager, Operations Manager and/or to the General Manager, in that order, if other supervision is not available.
  1. Supervises no subordinates.
  1. Internal Contacts include other Operations personnel and may also include administrative and management staff.
  1. External Contacts include Associated Call Centers vendors, clients and their callers.





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